Watlow Heaters & Controllers

Marsh Instrumentation, working with Watlow’s design and engineering team can recommend, develop and deliver the optimum thermal solution. To discuss your specific needs contact us at: [email protected]

Watlow’s Heating Solutions Catalog offers over 600 pages of unique Cartridge/Insertion, Tubular, Flexible, Immersion, Circulation, Fluid Delivery, Air Heaters, and Specialty heaters including, strip/clamp-on, band/barrel, nozzle and radiant heaters. Click here to view.

Watlow’s Thermal Control Systems Catalog offers over 200 pages of Temperature and Power Controllers as well as Communication Gateways, Software and Control Systems. Click here to view.

Watlow’s Thermal Sensors, Wire, Cable and Accessories Catalog offers over 225 pages of  Thermocouple, RTD, Smart Sensors Infrared Sensors, Transmitters and Wire & MI Cable options. Click here to view.

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