Purchase Test & Measurement Equipment

Remove the complexity out of purchasing and calibration with Marsh Metrology’s comprehensive purchasing service.

We have developed relationships with the industry’s leading brands and are able to acquire calibrate and deliver measurement instruments with industry leading turnaround times. 

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  • Multifunction I/O
  • Temperature
  • Voltage
  • Sound and Vibration
  • Current
  • Strain, Pressure, and Force
  • Digital I/O
  • Position Displacement
  • Counters and Timers
  • Machine Vision
  • Packaged Controllers
  • Motion Control
  • Board-level Controllers
  • Industrial Communication Buses
  • HMIs and Displays
  • Vehicle Communication Buses
  • Safety


  • Programming Environments for Data Acquisition and Control
  • Application Software for Data Acquisition and Control
  • Add-Ons for Data Acquisition and Control
  • Software Suites for Data Acquisition and Control

Systems and Specialty Products

  • HIL Simulators


  • Oscilloscopes
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Digital Instruments
  • Waveform Generators
  • Frequency Counters
  • VirtualBench All-in-One Instruments
  • Power Supplies and Loads
  • Source Measure Units
  • Switches
  • FlexRIO Custom Instruments and Processing
  • GPIB, Serial, and Ethernet


  • Programming Environments for Electronic Test and Instrumentation
  • Application Software for Electronic Test and Instrumentation
  • Software Suites for Electronic Test and Instrumentation
  • Add-Ons for Electronic Test and Instrumentation

Systems and Specialty Products

  • Semiconductor Test System
  • Vehicle Radar Test System


  • Vector Signal Transceivers
  • Spectrum and Signal Analyzers
  • RF Signal Generators
  • RF and Microwave Switches
  • Software-Defined Radios
  • Power Sensors
  • Network Analyzers
  • RF Signal Conditioning


  • Programming Environments for Wireless Design and Test
  • Application Software for Wireless Design and Test
  • Software Suites for Wireless Design and Test
  • Add-Ons for Wireless Design and Test

Systems and Specialty Products

  • Vehicle Radar Test System
  • Semiconductor Test System
  • mmWave Transceiver System
  • Near Field Communication and Wireless Power


  • Portable, Student Devices
  • Engineering Lab Stations
  • Radio Prototyping Hardware


  • LabVIEW
  • Multisim Education Edition
  • Academic Site License

Systems and Specialty Products

  • Laboratory Solutions with NI ELVIS
  • myRIO Accessories
  • myDAQ Accessories
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After-Sales Service

As a total service provider to the Canadian Market, Marsh Instrumentation offers complete After Sales Service for the full line of instruments, Process Control and Calibration Products. These services include:

Replace Existing Equipment

Marsh Metrology can facilitate the purchase of replacements for equipment which fails calibration. 

Purchase new Equipment

Marsh Metrology can recommend the best manufacturer and spec range around your application and will help you find the best solution for your application. 

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Convenient Service Options

We offer a wide array of calibration services, offered in a convenient way. 

Calibration Services

We offer on site calibration with programs registered to ISO 9001 & 10012 and where required ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration


Calibration Management

We can provide our customer Portal access to manage your assets as well as our warehouse for equipment storage and fast calibration retrieval


Repair Services

We can evaluate your obsolete or damaged test equipment for repair or replacement