Mobile Calibration Lab

For production environments where space comes at a premium, or deploying an in-plant cleanroom is not available, Marsh Metrology can deploy one of its state of the art mobile calibration labs, which will function as an annexed on-site calibration facility. 

With the Marsh Metrology Mobile Calibration Laboratory and on-site Instrumentation Technicians, most of your equipment never leaves your facility. In the event of an emergency, your equipment can be removed from the mobile lab as easily as walking to where the mobile lab is placed, and requesting the equipment be immediately returned, or expedite its calibration, eliminating or minimizing down time. For most test equipment, same-day turnaround is common with no premium fees.

How it Works


We Assess your Needs

Based on your needs and duration, we can deploy our 35ft calibration lab, which is perfect for projects lasting from 1 month to a year, or our 21ft mobile calibration lab, which is suited for smaller jobs. 


Environment Setup

Upon arrival, our calibration lab can be set up in your facility’s parking area or in a secured parking lot nearby. 


Carry out Calibrations

We will be able to carry out calibrations with the same response time as In Factory calibrations. The mobile lab will allow us to also carry out some highly specialized in process calibrations.