Marsh Metrology is on a journey to assist companies in providing superior quality through better accuracy. This is why we are reaching beyond offering calibration and calibration management in order to assist our customers maintain a better relationship with their measurement instruments, resulting in a higher accuracy production environment. 

Our Training services can help your organization:

  • Reduce the volume of damaged equipment due to misuse
  • Increase the overall accuracy of the instrument and slow down/ reduce the calibration drift.
  • Provide basic troubleshooting steps which will help reduce equipment failure and downtime

This will ultimately lead to prolonged equipment life, increased accuracy between calibrations, reduced downtime and reduced costs both on equipment and due to potential production delays or equipment repairs. 

Training Courses Offered

RF & Microwave Training

SOP training is available for operators in the Radio Frequency and Microwave disciplines. The following topics are covered:

  • Microwave Introduction
  • Microwave Mathematics
  • Microwave Connectors Care
  • MW Power Meter (Various)
  • Thermistor mounts
  • Thermocouple
  • USB
  • MW Synthesized Sweepers (Various)
  • Spectrum Analyzer (Various)
  • Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA) — measures amplitude properties onl
  • Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) — measures both amplitude and phase properties
  • Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generators
  • Measuring Receivers (Various)
  • Directional Couplers (Various)
  • Network Analyzers (Various)
  • Network Analyzers (Various)

Equipment Use Training

Training operators on safe and correct equipment use, storage, cleaning and maintenance. Available for dimensional and torque applications. Additional applications are available upon request.

  • Operational Check
  • Preliminary Calibration Techniques
  • SOP (Standard Operational Procedure)

QA Training

Training for Quality assurance Managers on ISO 17025 certificate review and making the correct distinction between accreditation and compliance.

  • Operational Check
  • Preliminary Calibration Techniques
  • SOP (Standard Operational Procedure)

Custom Training

Marsh Metrology can also provide custom calibration training on your choice of equipment. The training course includes classroom-based training sessions as well as practical sessions carried out in a calibration lab. Study guides will be provided for the selected training program. Please contact us for a customized training plan.