Pipette Calibration

Regular pipette maintenance and calibration may significantly reduce the cost and risks associated with the use of un-calibrated pipettes. Marsh Metrology calibrates both single channel pipettes and multi channel pipettes.

Pipette Calibration Service

Reduce or completely eliminate the likelihood of rework, wasted consumables and incorrect results by using calibrated pipettes.

ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Calibration

Accurate pressure measurement and control are vital to your production environments accuracy, performance and safety. Marsh Metrology has been providing accredited pressure calibration services across various industries within Ontario for over 30 years. We are fully ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, using above industry standards and procedures for our measurements. By doing so we can help keep your equipment calibrated within tighter margins of error.

Equipment Range Uncertainty Reference
(0.1 to 0.49) μl 2.5 % of reading
(0.50 to 1.99) μl 1.7 % of reading
(2.0 to 9.9) μl 0.55 % of reading
(10 to 49) μl 0.6 % of reading
(50 to 199) μl 0.49 % of reading
(200 to 5 000) μl 0.43 % of reading

Multi-Vendor Calibration

We calibrate many items and some may not be on this list. Our multi-vendor system (MVS) allows us to handle all of your calibration needs even if you have devices from multiple vendors. 

Convenient Service Options

We offer a wide array of calibration services, offered in a convenient way. 

on site calibration

On Site/In-Situ Calibration

We can perform on site and in process calibrations, which are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited and traceable to the National Standards, complete with calibration reports and stickers.


Calibration Management

Our calibration management service provides you with in time notifications of instruments that are soon due for calibration. Our customer Portal provides you access to manage your assets as well as our warehouse for equipment storage and fast calibration retrieval


Diagnostic & Repair

Our calibration service offers equipment testing. Should your equipment fail calibration, we can repair and assist with the purchase and calibration of a replacement, in order to minimize your disruption.