ISO 17025:2005

What we Calibrate:

We calibrate many items and not all may be on the list! Take advantage of our MVS (Multi Vendor System) to bring all your calibration needs to one place!

Mechanical Electrical Dimensional
Balances AC/DC Hipot Testers Calibrators
Dead Weight Testers Ammeters Calipers
Hardness Testers Capacitance Depth, Height & Bore Gauges
Load Cells Clamp-on Meters Dial Indicators
Pressure Calibrators Current AC/DC Flatness Comparators
Pressure Gauges Current Shunts Go/No Go Gauges
Pressure Transducers Data Loggers Inclinometers
Scales Decade Boxes Indicators
Tensiometers ESD Testers Ring/Plain Gauge (non-th. & threaded)
Torque Wrenches Frequency Counters Levels
Loop Calibrators Machinist Rules/Squares
Test & Calibration Megohmmeters Micrometers
Backflow Test Kits Multimeters Microscopes
Bench Oscilloscopes Optical Comparators
Humidity Instrumentation Panal Meters Precision Balls
Communicators Power Supplies Protractors
Dead-Weight Testers Process Calibrators Radius Gauges
DVMs  Resistance Steel Rules
Hand-held Calibrators RTD Simulators Straight Edges
Oscilloscopes Tachometers Super Micrometers
Wet & Dry Block Calibrators Volts AC/DC Tape Measures
Thickness Gauges
Pressure Temperature
Calibrators Calibrators RF
Controllers Chart Recorders Signal Generators
Pneumatic Gauges Controllers Attenuators
Hydraulic Gauges Digital/Glass/Infrared Thermometers  Frequency counters
Sensors Dry Well Calibrators Pulse Generators
Recorders Indicators Network Analyzers
Sensors Ovens Power Sensors
Transducers Process Calibrators Spectrum Analyzers
Transmitters Recorders Power Meters
Vacuum Gauges RTDs Communication Test Sets
Temperature at Ice Point
Thermocouple (J/K/S/T types)